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Get Psyched; Stay Psyched!

This week’s Friday psyche series is about, well, psyche. When you have it you find your answers. Life is ubiquitously good. In fact, I submit it can’t be bad because you realize bad shit is a natural part of life. Without it we struggle, no matter how simple our objectives are. I take exception with one aspect in the piece; that psyche is climbing’s own word (though we certainly use it more than most). I would argue that grandpa is psyched about his upcoming round of golf and your sister should be psyched for swim practice or she should find a different sport. But the sentiment that psyche is vital for success is true. Without it, nothing meaningful gets done.

Thanks to Deadpoint Mag for the article, Gregory for the vid, and Joe Kinder (who has a great blog) for the psyche.


  • Thanks for sharing the article – been reading your stuff for a while now and it's always an interesting read.Bought a new bike today and hitting the road around Atlanta first thing tomorrow! It's easy to get psyched for new toys.

  • I live near Atlanta, man it is hilly up there. Down here in Augusta we keep it FLAT! ~ debbietudor

  • Hello; saw your blog Ed; am a terribly out-of-shape person trying to psyche myself up into returning to the mega-in-shape over-the-top sport loving energetic person I was 20 years ago. Your little article was really inspirational in a vertically challenging way: reminded my why I want to "keep climbing". Thanks for the boost.

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