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Gimme Kraft!

Gimme Kraft!

This is a review of a new book on training for climbing. Gimme Kraft! (German for Give me Power!) is much more of a reference book than anything else. It contains very little advice on how to train systematically. Instead, it focuses on exercises that will improve your climbing. In this aspect, it’s a success. You’ll find many of the exercises in this book used in the workouts I’ll be presenting later in this training cycle.

Roger Schaeli gettin’ Kraft! from cafekraft on Vimeo.

The vids show examples of the movements, which is just about all the book is. There are a few fitness tips and nuggets of philosophy from elite climbers, but that’s it. While useful, a beginning climber will no doubt find themselves at a loss for what to do and how to incorporate these movements into their daily lifestyle. According to the authors, the book is designed to be used by seasoned climbers to facilitate their training and climbing. This post from 8a.nu breaks it down:

With athletes like Alexander we drive a middle course because periodization is good to prevent performance barriers at a high level but when you are traveling pretty much you have to be flexible.

Gimme Kraft Melissa! from cafekraft on Vimeo.

Concerning training for climbing and bouldering for the average but still performance-orientated climber we think they should not think so much about perfect periodized training plans but should focus more on a training done in a healthy, motivated and not too complicated way and exactly that should be the message of our book!”

The message from Alexander and Megos himself sums up what he learnt from his trainer and their great message. “I never climbed at my limit until recently and that was maybe the reason why I could keep my high motivation and never dropped out.

The Grimace from Bergfuchs on Vimeo.

Translation: this book targets elite climbers who already spend most of their free time climbing, training for climbing, and traveling for climbing. It’s still useful for all climbers, certainly. If you are serious about your climbing it should definitely be a part of your training arsenal. You’ll just want to pair it with some information on structure and how to train, or you’ll almost certainly wind up overtrained or injured. Gimme kraft! is a sentiment desired amongst all climbers, but it’s achieved with patience, hard work, and careful planning and not from random training. Get psyched! Get after it! Be careful!

Gimme Kraft! Trailer from cafekraft on Vimeo.


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