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I love blogs. I haven’t had any time to write recently so I’m sending you an old friend’s blog. I haven’t seen Will in at least a decade. But I’ve heard about him, which hard to to since he’s done a lot of media stuff and has become one of the best ice climbers in the world. He’s always been a writer but in his case this forum is preferred because it allows him to let his enthusiasm go unleashed (pun intended, perhaps, though you’ll need to read about him to know). He just did a big futuristic route in Canada, which is how I heard about Gravsports, so I’m forwarding it on to you. Good clean adventure; well told. The recipe for a perfect blog. Enjoy.

Will Gadd’s Gravsports

From Will’s web site. Words to live by:

But please consider this: You’re obviously on your computer right now, which is a clinically proven hazard to your health. Please consider turning off your computer and getting outside immediately. It could save your sanity, or even your life. I don’t believe anybody ever died wishing for just one more day in front of the monitor. Tonight you will have moved one day closer to your end game. What are you going to do with this day?

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