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Great Lance Photos

Lance’s comeback can only be good for cycling, especially in the US. His every move is being chronicled by the press. His web site,, keeps it organized and, if you follow the links in the news page you can sign up for Twitter and have him blog straight to your phone. He’ll even tell you when he’s being drug tested.

Okay, so this may be a bit much for even the most ardent fans, but there’s some great stuff as well. Comebacks are always interesting, probably moreso to those who have spent some of their life in athletics. Big Tex seems to have a personal photographer with him at all times. If you go to Elizabeth Kreutz’s site and click on Lance’s Comeback, you’ll be rewarded with some shots you’re not likely to see on Velonews or CNN.

Besides the obvious stuff, like Lance having a better house (with nicer art), than most cyclists, a private jet, and that he rides his bike a lot, we are also privy some more inside information. I was happy to see him using Endurox and not Gatorade, like the press tells us (knew that was a lie). Interested that he does his crossfit workouts barefoot (as a test, I’d just begun this as well), and that, like most of my friends, he has a pic of The Champ on his wall. And, as Sam pointed out, am wondering how all that upper body muscle is going to serve him on the Ventoux. I’m guessing that when Dr. Ferrari sees this some atrophy will be in order.

Anyways, if you like cycling, this stuff is must see entertainment. Enjoy.

just like my training sessions, except the only ones evaluating my form are tuco and beata

i used to ride that airline, but they kept sitting me next to some illiterate moron with a texas twang

champs elysees, texas style

the champ’s one of all our families, right?

except for the starbucks logos, this looks a lot like my house

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  • Thanks for sharing! I can not wait to see Lance’s return to the Tour! Love him!

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