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Happy New Year!

With the new training facility functional the New Year is in full swing. Hope you’re resolutions are just getting warmed up and you meet all of your fitness goals—or at least enough to keep you motivated for your pie-in-the-sky ambitions—in 2010. We’re eating more sustainably, doing enough exercise to keep the dogs fit, getting better at our jobs, and, if there’s time, will tick some more off our life’s to-do list. Here are my climbing ambitions for the upcoming year.

1. Finish Black Dynamite (first ascent): did the moves before construction season/winter set in. Have linked the three segments on my board. As soon as I can do them back to back I’ll be ready.

2. Link my mega traverse: my pie in the sky goal.

3. Dogma, or something else on Mt Wilson: since I’ve never climbed it.

4. Sheer Lunacy, or something free in Zion: since I’ve never freed a wall there.

5. Notch Peak, via linking Western Hardman and Book of Saturdays: if it doesn’t fall apart, because it’s a big day on the largest limestone face in the US.

6. Sacred Ground or Excommunication: because they both look amazing.

7. Monkey’s Face: because it will get me out to see friends in Oregon and it’s one of the coolest formations in the US and I’ve never climbed it.

8. Evolution Traverse (car to car of course): because I love the Sierra and it’s one of the coolest lines ever, and a massive day.

9. Climb the three major lines on Mt Olympus in a day: because it’s a massive day in my backyard.

10. Find an amazing first ascent to do in the mountains: to keep me motivated.


  • Great shot. That looks like a fun place to train. Any chance you are going out to Kauai with the Top Coach trip? Monica and I are going and I have a friend that rented a road bike there last year. I'm thinking about going for a spin if I can find someone to drag me up the hills. LOL.

  • I used to be jealous of Tony's gym but I'm not anymore!I've never been invited to any of these things so I don't know why it would start now. You can try lobbying for me but I think they prefer me as the virtual guy. This is fine with me, btw. I'm not a rah-rah kind of trainer. But if they thought they needed me in Hawaii I could probably find the time to go.

  • Cool. Just checking. You never know what they have up their sleves. We ran into each other at the Summit last year, so I thought there might be a chance you would be there. Had to check. I think I'm going to need to reserve well in advance if I'm going to pull this together and get a bike to ride.

  • Um, Dude.I see no goals pertaining to two-wheeled activities. WTF?

  • I didn't say these were all my goals. Just climbing. I never plan anything on the bike anyway. Just ride and try and do stuff when I'm fit–and I'm a far cry from that right now! But I'll be fit by summer.

  • Your wife is beautiful!

  • Man that climbing wall is awesome. Haha I would someday want to have Tony's gym……. These places are quite interesting, Hopefully when the winter ends I can start climbing.How many sports do you train for ?lets see….ClimbingCyclingRunningHangboard training.Your consistent with your yoga….LOL I envy you. Your like my rolemodel and idol. 🙂

  • Rad. Nice campus board. What's that thing with all the holds on it?Let me know when you head up this way. Monkey Face is great and all, but they're not serious about eating down there. Plan to spend a few days in PDX.

  • Ratso looks psyched for 2010.

  • I just showed Deb the pic and she said, "It's a great photo, but it would be much better if they were reversed."And she wasn't talking about Ratso and Beatta.

  • next year we'll reverse it.

  • I would like to say all you guys the Happy New year with all the blessings of God.

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