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Hell Month

Welcome to my preview of our newest workout program, Asylum. Over the next few weeks I’ll be using this program, along with my other training, to get ready for a race at the end of April that I’m nowhere close to being prepared for. It’s kind of like the “Hell Week” we’d go through prior to the football season, except this time it’s Hell Month.

I’d like to be previewing this program under more relaxed circumstances but my recent production schedule for the next 90x threw my training into a tailspin. I followed this by getting sick on the last day of production, resulting in another week off. Conventional fitness theory is that when you stop training it takes you the same time that you had off to get back to where you were. With a race coming up in a month I simply don’t have that much time. So I’m stacking Asylum on to my regular training program as a little experiment and you can watch me either soar or crash and burn here.

Asylum, for those of you who may not know, is the sequel to Insanity that we’re releasing in about a month. It’s more of a full body training program than Insanity and should prepare you for just about any activity. The show’s producer, Lara, succinctly summed up its effectiveness with “my tennis game is insane now!”

It’s positioned as sports conditioning, where as P90X mc2 will be sports training. As a sequel this follows the way I view P90X and Insanity, where I often tell customers that if P90X is your training for a sport Insanity is the sport. MC2 will re-train your body movement patterns so that you’ll perform better. Asylum will take that base and whip it into battle mode.

Asylum is a short program; only 6 workouts that you do for four week cycles. They are, to put it mildly, grueling. But once you can finish these workouts you’ll be ready for the 4th quarter, final set, 9th inning, or as one of the workout’s title suggests, overtime. If you’re an athlete that wants to raise your game in a minimal amount of time Asylum could be your pot of gold.


  • Looks like I know what I'll be doing this winter!

  • Can't wait to hear how your hell month goes! Good luck! You may need it! 😉

  • Great info!I did Insanity for 2 weeks and the side jumps killed me. This one actually looks more like me, I love plyo and challenges.Can't wait to see this one, and I know you will soar 🙂

  • What type of race?Just ended my tri build phase here. I still suck at the bike, but plenty of time to fix that when work slows down in a few weeks.

  • Great and timely post: I'm doing P90X and Insanity at the same time as an experiment. It's my third round of P90X and first full time through Insanity. I did some Insanity workouts to augment my second round of P90X, but now, I'm all in for both programs as they are prescribed (except for the diet which I've altered to maintain my current weight and to accomodate the increased amount of work). It's week three, and so far no injuries and I am moving through fairly well, progressing as evidenced by both the P90X log sheets and on the Insanity fit test. So, I'm very interested in hearing about your hell month. Already, I find that supplementing really makes a difference. I'm using a multivitamin, b complex, vitamin c, fish oil, BCAA mix (has been a major help with soreness), and whey protein. I also make it a point to eat plenty of fruit and sweet potatoes for fuel. What supplements are you using or will you be using and what foods are you eating or will be eating to see things through?

  • I've done P90X and am now on my second round of Insanity. Would you recommend waiting for MC2 to do that first, and then doing Asylum? My intention right now is to dive into asylum after I'm rested from my current round of Insanity.

  • Since Asylum is going to be more well rounded than Insanity is, is Asylum going to be as tough on the joints?

  • I can't wait to follow your "hell" month. I'm in month #2 of Insanity and even though I know it will take me a long time to actually complete Insanity, I'm curious about Asylum!

  • What's the difference between sports conditioning and sports training??

  • Conditioning is merely getting into shape (not that this is easier or less painful than training, it's often more of both) while training is targeting certain areas to improve in and exercising around a system to improve those areas.

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