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Home Improvement, Part II

Steve McClure – Hubble 8c+ from ben pritchard on Vimeo.

I’m hoping to finish everything in the garage before the flooring arrives next week. Then it’ll be time to get to some proper training.
dude, i finally got the venue i’ve been looking for.


  • Okay, I just watched these two back to back. Is it just me or is Malcolm's problem WAY harder than the route? McClure is mutant strong but so is Smith. And he does say it's the hardest thing he's done by far. Considering that Hubble hasn't had a non-UK ascent (and only a handful of those) in 18 years, how hard is this stuff Smith was doing in 1991?!I love it when I'm the only person to comment on my own blog.

  • I had seen both videos but didn't make the connection. I think your right about the simulator vs. the real thing. Remember – Study(train) hard, Test(send) easy.Don't be afraid to shave.

  • I think the tendency is to make sure that the simulated problem is harder than the real thing. One thing is for sure it the video quality was better on the McClure footage and I couldn't understand everything that Malcolm was saying.

  • 20 ft wall huh? That's bold. You installing a gymnastic foam pit at the base or a swimming pool?

  • I gave him my green Cordless pad.

  • It's frickin' terrifying at the top. We're considering the Brickyard technique. Our only concern is that it's for "advanced" climbers.

  • Can't wait for the snow to come so I'll quit screwing around outside and get strong. You still working on standard mono?

  • Ascents don't count with the cordless pad. It instills too much confidence.

  • I only have 8' in my garage. But wait, my son's off at college, I could could cut a hole in his bedroom floor and gain +8 feet.

  • Fine idea. I know a pretty good under-the-bed design used by my friend Dave in Mammoth. You could raise your wall and still have a place for him to sleep when he comes home!

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