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I Hate It! But I Love It!

Friday’s psyche post is teaser for P90X: next. I just put our in-house MC2 (that’s Muscle Confusion 2) test group through their first PAP (postactivation potentiation) workout and they are absolutely destroyed, but in the best possible way. Along the lines of Tony’s “I hate it, but I love it” ARX description I was getting various quotes of conflicted praise from our (very fit) group. By the time I cut their workout a bit short of what I had planned these statements evolved into “Insanity (commonly thought of as our most intense program) has got nothing on this!” Yet these were not disparaging words. They were affectations of love and the group was pining for more. Not today, mind you, but in the future.

What this style of training does if take all of the fitness gains you’ve been making using 90X, Insanity, or whatever your advanced fitness training program has been and turn it into performance. In other words, you will: run faster, jump higher, be stronger. I know, you’re doing that already. Now we bring you into focus even more.

The workouts don’t look like much on paper. In fact they don’t look too hard when you observe them. But your weaknesses will get exploited, and by following the scientific principles of PAP each repetition of each set is done at your maximum and the cumulative result is devastating, in an oh-so painful yet blissful way. You will hate it. But I guarantee you will be in love in what your body will be able to do.

vid: an example of what some focused power training can do for you. this guy wasn’t meant to be a high draft choice until this video came out. now he’s about to be rich.


  • Any idea yet on how this will be integrated into MC2? Is this a once a week workout, or are the principles applied to every strength workout?

  • Still experimenting and evaluating. I'm thinking–at the moment which is subject to change–that it will be introduced in the second training block and be an integral part of the third. You need a good base for this to be effective so it won't be happening in the first block. It's also not the type of thing you do daily. We're still not sure how many PAP workouts there will be.

  • Sounds amazing, can't wait to try the next level 🙂

  • Good deal – thanks for the insight. I'd repay in kind, but a blog about taxes, well, that would just be the worst kind of pain.

  • Can you schedule your chats the usual 7:00 eastern time? I haven't attended your chats in weeks due to school.btw- Mc2 is looking very interesting, I was thinking it would just be different, like adding balance stuff in the routines, but this is new stuff.

  • Loved the sample trial Shoulders/Arms:MC2 in One on Ones…and it really didn't seem that difficult at the outset. But my triceps especially were sore..for days. 🙂

  • I'm very interested in all of your feedback on the current workouts in the One on One series. I'll set up a feedback forum soon.

  • Oh, Hassan, chats will move back to evening in Nov when the days get short.

  • Jarron Gilbert was not a particularly high draft pick last year and is sort of the poster child for how NOT to evaluate talent. As in, it sure is impressive he could jump out of a pool but that doesn't mean he's any good at football. It's a novelty act. He's currently on the Jets practice squad, decidedly not rich. There's got to be a better way to sell people on PAP than what amounts to "stupid human tricks".Hate to sound like a jerk because the workout sounds awesome and I cannot wait for MC2.

  • I'd read that his draft stock went way up but don't follow football and didn't pay attention on how he actually did on the field (bet his signing bonus was decent though). Stand corrected on that one, thanks. Very true in that there's a lot more to sports than stats but freakish athletic potential always impresses and, as a trainer, it's what we try and bring out in someone. We can't build hand-eye coordination and reaction times. We can only massage it a little. But we can improve balance, strength, and explosiveness a lot.I suppose I could have used more tangible example, like how the number of injury days have gone down for the Mariners this year using PAP but, frankly, it just didn't seem as fun as watching a stupid human trick.

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