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If We Only Had Basso

Then maybe then we could see Landis at least breathe hard. Today was ridiculous. Landis just follows every move, easily, with his “you’d better go faster now because I’m going to smoke you in the time trial” candor. So, it appears, the race is over. The next two days will be interesting but I’d say that Floyd’s in total control. You can attack and attack but you’ve still got to have the riders that can hold it. CSC had a nice race. Expect more of the same from them, and probably Cunego, but they still can’t win. Of course, there is plenty more to watch than the race for the yellow jersey.

The OLN guys were insane again today. Someone was talking about Floyd being isolated for the last 40k of the stage. Umm, you mean except for Merckx who paced the leaders for about a third of the climb? Then Floyd says the only guy he had trouble following was his own teammate at the base of Alp d’Huez. Insane.

A what’s with Robbie Ventura? He’s like a stamped out version of Armstrong’s “coach” Chris Charmichael. TV loves their yes men. Like Carmichael, Ventura is ultra postive to the point of being absurd. The other day he said Floyd, for sure, wanted to keep the jersey only to watch him give it away in forcable fashion the next day. I’m sure, a la Lance, at some point we’ll all know his real trainer is some nefarious Italian scientist.

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