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If You Want To Race Nepalis…

If You Want To Race Nepalis…

… you’ve got to go to Nepal. So much for the ‘ol land of opportunity moniker, at least for now. If you want to race Nepalis you’re going to have to travel. Above pic of some really fast dudes who won’t be coming to a town near you, from Himalayan Singletrack.

For your Munday’s entertainment on Tuesday (sorry, stuck on a super secret film set yesterday) here’s a recap of how the Yak Attack adventure began, which I’m updating since the site of this blog has moved since I began posting last year. I’ve been waiting post race reports, primarily, to try and help raise money to bring some of the Nepali racers to the states for international exposure. On Friday, unfortunately, the their visa requests were declined, apparently because they don’t make enough money to be categorized tourists or professional athletes. This bizarre act of ignorance seems out of place–even for a country that holds an event called “The World Series” that doesn’t invite other countries to participate. Next year they will try again.

Yak Attack founder Phil Evans didn’t start the race as a stage for westerner’s to adventure. His goal was to put Nepali bike riding on the map and offer the locals a chance to ride in the Olympics. Currently the IOC offers no way for them to qualify. The situation is definitely on the up swing but decisions like this are a huge set back. Feel free to be pissed.

Anyway, I’ve been yappin’ about this year now for over a year. My race reports, a stage-by-stage account, will happen over the next couple of weeks. Here’s a recap of what I’ve posted about the race, which is mainly video from other people.


Last year’s race, Racing Over The Himalayas and Yak Attack (both are short, mainly video)

Part I – an overview, with a great video


The 29er Shootout, which bike should I bring?


  • Such a shit outcome for the Visas. Was really looking forward to racing and riding with the boys on some Colorado goodness. Hope they make it next year.

  • Hey steve..thank you so much for the support..hoping to see you sometime soon with the team.

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