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If You’re Not Falling You’re Not Trying Hard Enough

Cool vid this week featuring American Daniel Woods and a bunch of young Japanese crankenfranks (and Yuji) showing a ridiculous amount of motivation in terrible conditions. Since I’m actually going bouldering this weekend (last bouldering-specific trip was probably in, um, 2000) this seemed appropriate for the Friday Psyche.

This vid is long (30m), and is all in Japanese except when Woods is speaking, but it’s much more authentic as a bouldering experience that what you see in most climbing porn. You get to see what goes into a hard ascent: from falling all over something to piecing it together to dealing with bad skin, conditions, a finite amount of time and the reality that you may not succeed. Unlike boulders in a lot of vids these problems look really really hard, especially knowing the climbers are really really strong. It’s also got an odd Japanese perspective to it that I just happen to like.

Happy Friday. Have a faaantastic weekend!


  • I'm tired of falling Steve. I need your good mojo!!! And a nice breeze 🙂

  • I could definitely see how a breeze would help with that section. Probably cooler the better. Will be back soon, hopefully before bug season.

  • I wasn't sure where to ask this but I'm starting the P90X2/Asylum hybrid in the back of the X2 guide beginning in June. I know It's not designed for much mass gain and I'm ok with that, but will I lose a lot of the mass I've put on during this cycle? That is a slight concern.

  • Steve, I'm getting ready to tackle the P90X2/Asylum hybrid in the back of the X2 guide. I know it isn't designed to put mass on and I'm ok with that, but I was wondering is it likely I'll lose a lot of the mass I've put on during this cycle?

  • As long as you're used to the tempo of 90X and Insanity you shouldn't lose much mass, if any, depending on how big you are. A bodybuilder who is only used to hypertrophy probably would but not someone who got their mass doing 90x.

  • Ok, thanks! Yes my mass has all come from X, X2 and an occasional 1 on 1 month so I should be good then. Again thanks I appreciate it!

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