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Immune Boost

With the swine flu spreading through the west like a wildfire I’m glad I’ve got my Immune Boost. While my job is to evaluate and edit the products we make, or create a component of them, I rarely get to invent a entire product. The desire for an immune boosting formulation came from my bosses, Jon and Carl (mainly Jon on this one), but the formulation came from me. Because of this, I’m not going to have to deal with swine flu!

It’s not really magic, nor is the formulation really mine. As is the case with most things, there are people in the world who know more about herbs than I do. Luckily, I know a lot of these people. I consulted friends in the field, studied some science, and haggled with our lab until we had a formulation that was state-of-the-art. And while it’s not magic, exactly, when I remember to use it prior to times of stress, I never get sick.

Out my window I’m looking at snow. Yesterday I was running in shorts. This is a text book situation for when to start taking this stuff. But that’s just me. I’m not a supplements all the time guy. I’m situational; meaning my supplement intake varies along with my training. At times I take none; at others I practically live on them. I take immune boost during time of stress: flights, changing seasons, when my friends are getting sick, or anytime I feel run down and vulnerable.

This is not the only time to use it. Holistic science shows that it should be useful as a daily tonic. My stance has always been to try and not overdo certain things so that your body doesn’t adapt to them, saving their effects for times of need. It’s a theory based on science but every individual case is different. In this one, I could be wrong. Team Beachbody coach Tamara Kaye claims she hasn’t been sick since she began taking Immune Boost daily, which is now approaching two years. Guadajuko! Or, for those not versed in Tarahumara: cool by me.


  • just checked out the ingredient label. Great ingredients. Mostly adaptogens which are completely amazing.

  • tell Romney how good they are and maybe she'll take it. She hates swallowing any sort of capsul. Have fun at the gym! You should come to Vertigo afterwards.

  • Dr Weil, famous alternative health M.D., just got in serious trouble (unconstitional) with the FDA for making claims that Astragalus cant prevent the swine flu. For the FDA to react this way, Astragalus must definitely boosts and heals the immune system. I already take 3 adaptogens, but I am adding Astragalus!

  • no doubt. it'll probably get banned if it gets popular. you should start eating chia seeds. dr. weil likes these too. course, he doesn't like coffee. not sure what his problem is there; probably that he doesn't do any sports.

  • is this like wheatgrass, where they shave the chia pet and grind it all up?

  • Aaron here,Kenji, I thought you were supposed to eat the whole Chia pet? Not just the grass.Stainless, I'm curious for a later entry for you to talk about tonic v. situational use. I've heard that for some of these supplements, it takes something like 6 weeks of use before you start seeing changes. Is this true? When does it apply? etc.?

  • Huh. I just exercise and eat well and it seems to work for me. I very very rarely get sick, and when I do it's nothing major.

  • Aaron, it's certainly true for many herbal supplement–and supps in general as glucosamine comes to mind–but I've not heard that about these ingredients. Most of them seem to stimulate the immune system response any time they're ingested. But research on herbs (especially adaptogens) is decidedly unclear. Could be why Tamara never gets sick.

  • I'm diggin the tarahumara quotes! Just started reading born to run and it's amazing thus far, which is good because I need motivation for my upcoming challenge in Dec.! As always slightly bigger and better than the previous year. Keep up the great blogs Steve! – Brad

  • There are tons of kids in my school that have the H1N1! Is it ok for me to take this? or is my immune system already strong?

  • Thanks, Brad! That book is definitely inspiring. I'm reading it a second time. Hassan, IB is just healthy herbs and would be totally fine for you to take. Yes, I'm sure your immune system is quite strong but remember that training breaks you down. Back off your training any time you're feeling compromised.

  • Thanks for the comment steve!! I will be sure to order it today!!! need it around 8 kids have swine flu in my Grade level!!have a good dayHassan

  • I started using immune boost whenever I feel something coming on or when my family is sick, and so far so good. My daughter had flu symptoms this week (all week off of school), and although I felt a little icky, I'm sticking with the IB, and it's workin' for me. Astralagus is also in Shakeology, and I've been having that every day too. OH! And I open the IB capsules, and pour it right into the shakeology. NO PILLS TO SWALLOW! 🙂

  • Taking herbal supplement is better than artificial supplement because it contains natural ingredients that are beneficial to our health system. Most products available in the market just promote false information leaving consumer's health at risk.

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