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Most Impressive Climb Ever?

Most Impressive Climb Ever?

Hard to call this Psyche, because it’s not the kind of thing most of us aspire to do but, like watching the Olympics, it’s fun to marvel at people on top of their game, even if it seems impossibly far fetched. Alex Honnold is simply blowing away what’s historically been thought feesable in one of the most dangerous activities on the planet, free soloing ( or climbing sans rope to you non-grimpeurs). He’s not the strongest climber in the world, or even close, but when it comes to playing it for keeps, alone, with no protection but your mind and body, he’s in a league of his own.

Besides being long (2,500’), hard, and on less-than-perfect rock, this route is a notoriously-heinous slab. It’s exactly the opposite style of climb that most people choose to do without a rope because it lacks holds and, at times, comes down to friction and belief rather than brute strength. Yet, in an interview with Planet Mountain, Honnold  called is casual which, when you think about it, is the exact response you want to hear with the stakes at hand.

Bravo, Alex. Not only did you make the Friday Psyche but you overshadowed the Olympics.


  • Holy crap! It’s amazing he can climb anything given the burdensome weight of his testicles.

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