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All In: 2 Sport Pro, Lonnie Kauk, Does Something Scary

All In: 2 Sport Pro, Lonnie Kauk, Does Something Scary

In the spirit of the Olympics’ final weekend, here’s Psyche vid on Lonnie Kauk, who’s both a professional snow boarder and climber. If it seems like I’m making a sporting statement with my last two Psyche posts, I am. I dig the Winter Games, especially the obscure sports we only get to see every four years. Still, you’ve got to admit there’s some silly stuff going on. Climbing was a demonstration sport in ’94 and didn’t make the cut. This seems completely absurd watching sports like Curling, which doesn’t  need hyperbole to make fun of. It WAS created as a drinking game. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. If I were stuck at some outpost high in the Great White North during winter I’d play it, too. But as far as athletic prowess is concerned, the difference between it an climbing could not be greater. But enough yappin’. The Games are rad. But if they aren’t going to include any climbing then I’m going to promote it.

I realize that I didn’t recap the vid. You’re going to have to watch it. Sweaty palms await. Enjoy!


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