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Yesterday my foot popped off a hold while working on my project (video of route, not me), shock-loaded my already weakened shoulder, and this morning I’m sitting here icing and wondering if I need to finally have this thing MRI’d. This will probably affect my fall but probably not my year-long challenge goals. If anything, it will change the climbing agenda, which will give me more time to work on the bike.

Injuries are unavoidable. If you play sports, you’ll get hurt at some point. If you don’t, you’re body will simply break down doing everyday activities. Avoiding all injury is impossible. So what matters is how you deal with injury and how you build you body to stave them off as long as possible.

I recently wrote a two-part series on injuries, prevention, and what to do when you get injured. Following this I was asked to do a radio interview on the subject. Now that I’m injured, again, I should probably do a follow up on how the rehab I do is going to make me stronger than I was prior to the injury.

Here’s part I

Part II

The radio interview.

If that doesn’t work it should show up on Gary Doyle’s archive page at some point.

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  • Crap. Sorry, man. Hopefully it’s just a minor tweak…

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