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Interesting Stuff on Doping in Cycling

I may not be writing much but I’m still reading. Two interesting pieces that may be positive for the sport in the long run. First off, David Millar has won a stage and claims to be clean coming off a two-year suspension for using EPO. Millar is a supremely talented cyclist, former world champion, and I would think may be clean (although his bread and water statement must be hyperbole so…). Since a single win, sans dope, isn’t really that big a deal from someone this talented the true test of this story will be over time, where doping has a more obvious effect over the body’s ability to recuperate.

“It’s Possible To Win Clean

The next is the recent confession by two of Lance Armstrong’s teammates that they used EPO to help him win. There’s a lot of condemming circumstantial evidence in this story but what’s most interesting is that Andreau seems to have confessed to clear his own conscious and “help the sport,” which revelations like the ones that seem to be happening daily must do, because it’s either that or kill it. Certainly, track and field, as well as cycling, and probably even more sports, are at a crossroads over performance enhancing drugs and medical intervention.

Postal Teammates Confessions

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