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Intermission: France, Spain, England and Vegas

Intermission: France, Spain, England and Vegas

Please excuse the interruption to the weight loss series. It will resume once the final leg of my travel is finished this week. Here’s a brief synopsis, which begins with some stellar climbing in France, with Bruce Anderson and Alisa Rosseter.


Pintxos in San Sebastian.


Pintxos power: Bruce nails “the hardest route of my life”.


Camelot – at Tintagel, Cornwall, with Todd Mei and Patty Baker, playing Lancelot to Todd’s King Arthur (clearly I’m the more French in this photo).


In London, introducing Icarus Descending with Todd at its 20-ish year reunion.


Three fortuitous nouns: urn, Icarus, reunion.


Late night in London, the World Cup: England vs Italy.

Now on to Vegas to judge The Beachbody Classic. It’s a rough life, but somebody’s got to do it.

Thanks for the photos: Rachel Lipsitz, Patty Baker, Robin Mukerjee, Alisa Rosseter, Bruce Anderson.

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