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Is The Obesity Trend Ending?

To keep with the India theme, here’s a piece, called The Fattening of America, that I wrote en route to India in 2007. It’s still apropos, certainly, but this article from the New York Times hints that times are a changing. While this isn’t something to get overly enthusiastic about, it shows that all of our hard work is not going unrequited. We’ve made a dent, let’s keep it up.

Click the excerpt below the see where we where in 2007, at least in my rant-filled eyes at the time.

Not too many days go by when I don’t ponder, to some degree, the question of why America became so fat? We’re a country blessed with advantages, technology, information, equipment, and open space. Yet we continue to expand horizontally and our health continues to plummet, even with incredible advances being made in medicine. The capitalist in me tells me to stop questioning and enjoy the job security. The humanist in me would gladly change careers in order to help the planet. My competitive American spirit is simply pissed off. When did we become the problem rather than the solution?

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