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It’s Still Your MutherF^@#$! Set!

It’s Still Your MutherF^@#$! Set!

“I’d rather die doing what I love to do than sittin’ at home looking at TV.”

This week’s Psyche is a super inspiring training vid about CT Fletcher, called The Strongest Man You’ve Never Heard Of. Definitely not the usual fare told through the tamed waters of a politically-correct marketing department, it’s the story of a Compton kid who grew up being beaten by his minister father, turned into one of the world’s strongest man, nearly died from eating too much McD’s, and then reinvented himself as a father, role model, and still one of the world’s strongest men in his 50s. “Which one of you mutherfuckers is comin’ in 2nd?”

Thanks to Elijah over at Crankenstein for alerting me to this radness.

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  • thats a mutha fuckn good one.

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