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January Report: Base Training

Wow, that was a quick month! Lots of work. Not so much training. All the smog you need.

With a big year ahead, this report card is going to look pretty dismal. However, it doesn’t feel dismal. I’m building base, not injured, and not sick. Given we’ve had 25 red alert smog days this January–compared to 3 all of last year–I think I’m going to be okay with it. After all, my main challenge for the year is to remain uninjured.

Jan Report

Days trained: 31
Longest day: maybe 3 hours
Shortest day: 20 minute set of pull-ups (push-ups, etc)
Long run: about 9 miles of steep trail
Longest ride: Hmmm, maybe an hour fifteen on the hippy bike
Longest trainer session: 45 minutes
Days on the bike (trainer included): 4 or 5
Days skiing: 4
Days climbing: 7 (includes gym)
5.12s: 0
12s attempted: 0
Swim days: 0
Trad routes: 0
First ascents: 0, though one bolted at The Owl Tor, which is no small matter
Summits: 1
Injuries: 0

Grade: C +

As bad as this sounds, I feel pretty good. I would have gotten on my bike more had it not been for the inversion which forced most of my training up into the canyons. And I’ve been backing off on workouts to ensure I don’t overdo it. Slow steady progress will be fine. There’s no rush. Some of my chronic injuries could use a bit more love but they aren’t really bothering me at all, which is huge. I am jonzin’ for a big day, which is going to happen soon.

photo: me n’ ratso on Grandeur peak

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