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Winter doesn’t only mean snow, it means big surf. So why not mix the two? At least that’s the way skier/waterman/all-around badass Chuck Patterson’s brain works. And if you’re going to surf big, you might as well look for the biggest wave you can find. So here’s a pretty-friggin’-rad video about him skiing Jaws.

Jaws would figure for Patterson, who seems to have a larger-than-average affinity for sharks. For example, if you were out doing a bit of stand-up paddle board surfing and a couple of Great Whites circled you for half an hour what would you do? Now I love sharks but, still, I’d probably paddle in, be glad they weren’t hungry, and avoid that particular break until they found somewhere else to hang out. If you’re Patterson, however, you lament the fact that you didn’t have a video camera and paddle right back out the next day to see if they’re still around.

For your double-psyche-Friday viewing pleasure, here are two vids of Patterson, the definitive non-wuss. My friend Bob, who’s not one to throw out praise to humans indiscriminately, defined Patterson as thus, “those sharks are probably coming back everyday so they can tell their friends they had a Chuck Patterson sighting.”


  • Bob was praising someone on a SUP?!? I thought SUP=Kook.

  • Rad! You got a Justin Bieber ad just below your post.

  • That must mean I'm big time now.Hmm, yeah… That's what I thought too, Reed. I was expecting some sort of slag off on the SUP but nothing of the sort. Watching that video it's hard not to think the guy is fairly stout fella and watermen do everything, right?

  • Oh yeah, the video is awesome. I think a lot of paddleboard folks would be freaking out instead of sticking their camera into the water to try to get shots. But I find the whole "waterman" thing tiresome and I don't even live anywhere near surfers.

  • Any man who can stare down a great white should get a complimentary Bad Mother F–ker wallet like the one in Pulp Fiction.

  • Chuck Norris Dreams of being Patterson

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