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Kevin Thaw: A Man For All Seasons

Kevin Thaw interview / entrevista ESPN June 2011 Part 1 from Wild Country on Vimeo.

This week I’m adding a couple of vids for Monday psyche for anyone needing a little more time to ease into their work week. These are of my friend Kevin Thaw, my primary climbing mentor and someone I once spent an inordinate amount of time with. Kevin and I met when I was living in Yosemite in the 80s. He didn’t seem bothered that I was a fledgling climber while he was ticking some of the Valley’s hardest lines, so we started sharing a rope and have been friends ever since.

He’s been one of the world’s best all-around climbers for a long long time. In the mid-90s he was still pretty off the radar so I wrote this article about him in a small magazine me and a few friends used to publish.

Kevin Thaw: A Man For All Seasons

He walked around the Outdoor Retailer trade show, showing it to potential sponsors, and has been a professional climber ever since. These vids are a short recap of his life. Enjoy.

Kevin Thaw interview / entrevista ESPN June 2011 Part 2 from Wild Country on Vimeo.


  • For sure one of the most naturally talented climbers I've ever seen. Watching Kevin climb just makes you know you'll never be that good.

  • It's even more apparent watching him fall. He's like a cat. I've seen him walk away from things that would have killed me for sure.

  • I don't know Kevin well but every time I run into him I feel compelled to state to obvious and talk about what an impressive all around climber Kevin is. He meets and exceeds that old school climbing ability test where you must be able to climb at grade-X for all types of climbing. Me, I'm a solid 5.5 climber on sport, crack, off width, ice, big walls………. Kevin truly is amazing well accomplished master of all. Thanks Steve.

  • Kevin goes well beyond talent on the mountain. The man is one of the friendliest and most inspiring individuals you will ever meet. A person is privileged if only to sit around the campfire and listen to thrilling stories of his countless, amazing adventures.

  • That's even true when he's trying to wake you in the middle of the night to play "FIFA soccer" video game.

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