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Let The Games Begin

How not to get sick on a flight: Immune Boost Formula and champagne

We’re finally in Beijing. After a long but quite relaxing flight(s) we’re ready to witness the spectacle. We began our trip watching the Games with a celebratory bottle of wine at Jon’s house, when Bob Costas’ said, “You can’t possibly know what it’s like unless you experience it yourself.” Jon and I looked at each other, shrugged, and said, “Alright then. Let’s go.”

well, if Bob Costas says so…

We scored some great seats and a mere 14 hours later were in Hong Kong, a place we’re both excited to get back and see. But there was no time for distraction. We had a to make a quick connection and, a few hours later, were in Beijing.

We love Oracle

The city sure has its happy face on. So far, it seems a far cry from the dirty polluted and overcrowded place that it’s rumored to be. Our accommodations are great; our event agenda even greater. We have tickets to a slew of athletics finals, beach v-ball finals, and the semis and finals for basketball. As long as we can shake the jet lag and get our sleeping hours on track it’s promising to be a great time.

I’ve decided not to really train on this trip. I’ve been going hard since I began 90X in April and my shoulder, while it’s gotten stronger, is still tweaked. I’m hoping 10 days of lots of walking and minimal impact will get it over the hump. Of course, I looked at the gym in our hotel tonight and am already jonzing a bit. So we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, things are going great. We met five time Olympian and gold medalist Gail Devers (and her family) tonight. But that’s another story….

The Beijing airport looking absolutely spiffy


  • Nice! Look forward to subsequent posts! If you were at the beach v-ball finals today, then you saw a great match! Go Misty and Kerri! Keith

  • Oh, we were there! It was epic. Report in the works…

  • I love watching those two athletes play. I’ve had the privilege of doing so live the past two years. Looking forward to the report. Sorry you got rained on watching!Keith

  • Hey! I thought this was a business trip… Some co-founders have all the fun.

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