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Listen To Your Body

Here’s a rant by Gregg Valentino, the man with the largest arms in the world. The guy is pretty controversial but he talks straight. We cover most of these subjects on the boards regularly. So here I offer up another opinion. Elijah, you out there? I’m sure you’ve seen this. If not…


  • Rad. I didn’t know Joe Pesce had a younger brother. We need to do more rhythmic training… Cue the didgeridoos…

  • Sheesh – that was funny. But he makes some good points too – everyone’s different. I think I need an interpreter for my body talking to me though 😉

  • this guy set a camera down in front of himself and spent 10 minutes repeating the same thing over and over. I’m thinking that synthol isn’t the only drug he’s on…

  • That’s good stuff. Gregg Valentino does steroids?!?!?! Watching this video is like looking in a mirror, except his arms are smaller.

  • 🙂 This makes me wonder if one on ones are worth it. I mean some of the moves I just Purely hate like skull crusher, I cant DO THEM? elbow acts up. Good point though by greg. Good bodybuilder but steriods messed him up….

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