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Losing The Last Few Pounds

Losing The Last Few Pounds

My weight loss series that began on this blog has picked up again over at Beachbody’s Blog. Here’s the latest installment, in teaser form. This is another overview article. I’d just started to get into more nitpicky (aka interesting) ideas and theories when cancer interrupted the series. It’s coming back, and you’ll be able to stay up on these by looking in the Weight Loss area of the header. Click on the excerpt for the entire piece.

The beginning and the end of your fitness program are the two most difficult times, with the latter being by far the most frustrating. Losing those last few pounds, whether it’s off of your stomach, hips, thighs, shoulders, or triceps, can be brutally hard. Let’s take a brief look at why, and then we’ll go into some strategies you can employ that will guarantee you’re ready for summer.

First, your trouble area can’t be “spot reduced.” You’ve likely heard this before but let’s be clear. We all hang onto our last vestiges of body fat somewhere. It varies, but the process to get rid of it remains the same for all of us: You must reduce your overall body fat percentage. This means all of your training (i.e., working out or exercising) should work the whole body, and you’re going to need to turn the screw a notch when it comes to diet.

 Weight Loss 101

The beginning of a weight loss program is pretty straightforward. If you eat less and exercise more, you tend to drop pounds at a fairly consistent clip. This is because when you instill healthy habits, you bring your nutrient and hydration levels back to normal and this creates a flushing effect on your body. This results in dumping excess water and undigested food, generally leading to good results out of the gate…


  • Hey Steve,

    First off, I’m so sorry to hear about your cancer diagnosis…I’ve been following along since you first announced it several weeks ago. My grandmother is currently in her 2nd round of fighting the disease (stomach cancer this time) as is the PT who helped me recover from my peroneal tendonitis that I was fighting off a few weeks ago. I’m not sure if you’re a spiritual person or not, but now that our thoughts and prayers are with you for a full and speedy recovery!

    I’m coming to the end of my 2nd round of X3 (Elite week of Elite Block!) and have decided to finally get over my big mental hurdle of eating more and realizing it won’t all go to fat when I try to add muscle. For a refresher, I’m 29, 5’11”, 138 lbs. I am deciding between Beast (never done the program) and X2 (completed 1 full round and used it in hybrids). I’m leaning more towards X2 (loved the program and TH workouts are my favorite). Any suggestions on modifications to the workouts in X2 or my nutrition to tailor it for adding several pounds of muscles, or should I just suck it up and get out of my comfort zone and tackle THE BEAST?? I’m currently eating between 2200-2400 cals per day right now on X3 and have not had any change in weight or muscle over these 2 rounds.


  • Hey Bob,

    Sorry for the slow reply. This new format doesn’t alert me of comments so I only found it but going back post to post to see if I’d missed any. Thank you and all my best to you grandmother!

    If your ultimate goal is to gain some mass, and it sounds like you could use it (although as a cyclist/climber I’m jealous of those stats, as your potential for strength to weight ratio is huge), I’d recommend Beast. As a life protocol, doing a round of Beast and following it with X2 in order to make those muscle stronger and more efficient would be awesome.

    Beast focuses on hypertrophy only. X2 precisely does not, it targets performance. So while you can gain muscle with X2–as well as gain strength with Beast–the combo, with Beast done first, is a very, very good one. Essentially you’ll grow your muscles with Beast and you’ll make them ultra efficient (also called absolute strength and/or power) with X2. You’ll be a machine.

    You’re going to need to eat more. Probably out of your comfort zone for a while. Then, once you have the weight you want, you’ll cut back. This is standard bodybuilder protocol. Hard the first time but you get used to it. Let me know how it goes.

    Best, man,

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