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Make Life Happen

This week the psyche series gives a nod to Beachbody’s Advice Staff, Denis Faye and his blog, The Real Fitness Nerd. I define fitness as not beging limited by your body in doing the things you want to do. Denis personifies it here:

This is why I exercise

His account of kayaking with blue whales off the coast of California.

Then I heard the now-familiar wet gasp of a whale breaking the surface behind me, followed by a female shriek. A whale was spouting just a few feet from my fair-weather companion. She was squealing with joy at the impromptu shower. Delighted and oddly jealous at the thought of being covered in baleen mucus, I turned back around and –

A whale was heading right towards me.It was about 20 feet away and closing fast…

So get to the gym, on your bike, lace up your trainers or just push play. Because the next time a pod of blue whales decide to swim past your house you don’t want to miss the chance to frolick with them just because you can’t paddel your kayak a few miles.

Thanks to Denis for the post and Miz for the title.


  • Exactly! Thanks Denis.

  • You made me get up out of my chair and looking for my tennis shoes! 🙂 And I thank you for that!

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