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Making Lemonade

With the passing New Year, many of us have embarked on new ambitions. Those with even the slightest foresight tend to make some type of goal at the beginning of the year. Most of us never see these through but that’s beside the point, really. What’s important is that we make an attempt to improve. As long as this is happening, there’s just no such thing as failure.

One of the most interesting aspects of life is that we never know what’s going to happen. This is why most New Year’s Resolutions fail. Something knocks us from our set routine and, poof, the pressure to succeed is off so we quit. Of course, when we allow this to happen we’re only hurting ourselves. Conversely, when we don’t, success is assured. Goals are there to get us moving and their true importance is in the act of moving; not in achieving the quest.

This little piece of self-reflective drivel has arisen out of three weeks on the couch. I hurt my back training. When holistic practices seemed to be aggravating the situation I turned to Western medicine. Now the choice is whether or not to operate. Obviously, this has put a little dent in my plans for 2009. My current goal is to be able to tie my shoes.

While I’m optimistic about the upside this interlude has not lacked in non-Zen moments. I’m not very agreeable when I’m deprived of exercise. Just ask my wife. But being injured has opened a new world of learning and allowed me to re-focus on some different objectives. I’m quite certain that I’m come back from this whole escape fitter and stronger than ever. When life gives you lemons….

pic: one of these sides is not like the other. you don’t have to look too close to see the herniation–it’s a grey blotch under the large circle of the spinal column.


  • Oh no!! I always hate seeing injuries, especially when people are so motivated and goal drive, and I can completely sympathize with the mood when deprived of exercise. But like you said it’ll be an opportunity to do that which you might not have otherwise. Good luck in your new endeavors this year.Brad

  • sorry to hear about your back. when you first mentioned it, i had no idea it was so serious…is it a disc? good luck and feel better.marc

  • Yeah, I’m afraid I’m not very good at describing pain. The first doc seemed to think a round of corti-steroids would clear it up and that it might even be muscular, though I assured him I was well versed in muscular pain. They did virtually nothing. Now we’re waiting on my insurance to okay an MRI but the second doc is quite certain that’s it’s a herniated disc. Having progressive non-reative nerves was a clue to its seriousness. To make sure, I went off all anti-inflams (don’t take pain meds, only things that can aid healing) as to portray a proper amount of discomfort. I got the okay to hangboard, though, so if I’m out long enough I might actually get some of my old contact strength back. I wish I still had my old training logbooks to aspire to.

  • Hang in there – we all have setbacks! Work with it and maybe time will heal.

  • How old are you John…35?

  • Perhaps the young face these risks more easily.

  • Give or take.

  • I may know of something to assist you with your injury – a clinically tested product that has great results

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