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Maybe We Need A Senior’s Tour

The return of the Texan is getting more press than the presidential race. Not only that, it seems to have prompted a slew of possible comebacks. Landis, Chechu, Beloki, Boogerd. Even Ullrich isn’t saying never. Next year’s peloton is shaping up to look like we’re back in the 90s. Maybe Festina will get back in the fray. And what about ex-DSs? I miss Manolo Saiz. “Venga!”

Here’s an article on Beloki, Boogerd, and Ullrich.

But, really, just what is on Lance’s mind? This is the question everyone wants to know. This article covers the topic in depth and provides a lot of links.

It’s all fairly strange. Perhaps not as strange as our election, but strange indeed. Above is a pic of Lance in a race yesteray. I’m not saying that guy next to him can’t ride, but he looks like a guy out for a Sunday stroll around the park. And he looks nothing at all like Alberto Contador. Big Tex has a long long way to go.


  • I hate to be the person to point this out to experts such as yourselves. The Leadville 100 is an out and back race in which 700 or more entrants start at the same time. Passing people that are not at your level is a given. The picture isn’t really that funny if you have been in a mountain bike race before, or any competitive race for that matter.

  • That pic isn’t from Leadville. It’s from a local race in Aspen. Still, he’s probably passing someone who he isn’t racing against. Or that guy could be super fast and just taking a quick break. It’s mostly just a funny photo that’s a huge contrast to the Tour. LA won a race last week that’s just like the races I do. Again, a far cry from the Tour. Comebacks traditionally don’t go well. I hope this one’s different. We’ll see.

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