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Memory Lane: Joshua Tree Highballs

Memory Lane: Joshua Tree Highballs

Second test post, with a nice climbing vid. Spent last weekend in Josh,  where I learned to climb in the 80s. The changes were not minor.

“This is an entire National Park made for climbers,” said my wife. It really does appear that way. Before it became a park, Josh always had some traffic, and in the winters filled with Yosemite dirtbags who migrated back and forth, but now it looks like an Eddie Bauer add. Instead of a small band of  very scraggly dirtbags you’d be hard pressed to tell weren’t simply a homeless colony, the place looks like an Outdoor Retailer fashion show. I wasn’t aware hipsters climbed. They were everywhere.

While I definitely miss the old vibe, the modernization has its perks.  For one, you could find coffee. Good coffee. Almost everywhere you looked. In fact, The Joshua Tree Coffee Company pours one of the best cups of coffee I’ve had and it’s just one of four places in hamlet that’s two blocks long. It’s also come a ways since the only food  was a  greasy Mexican joint called Ed Chada’s. Per capita, Josh is probably the most vegan friendly hovel this side of India. All four of the restaurants we visited advertised themselves as vegan friendly. That’s 80% of the places in town.

I never really loved the climbing in Josh, but had a lot of fun showing the girls around (I was the tour guide for three, more girls then you used to see there in a two-week stay, though now it seems there are as many female climbers as male). I was even motivated enough to pick up the new bouldering guide, which is at least ten times the size of the last one I had. I’ve done all of the problems in the above vid that I’ve heard of. It’s probably less than half, and the new ones looks good. I reckon I’m not as done with the  place as I thought.

Joshua Tree ’14-’15 from Kyle Gautreau on Vimeo.

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  • Ha. I failed on the very first boulder problem it showed. You win.

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