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Million Dollar Body

I have a great job. I was reminded of this last week at our first annual Team Beachbody Million Dollar Body awards show. I’m not a big awards show person. I don’t watch them. Don’t want to go to them. And even when I’ve been nominated it’s not really the way I like to spend my time. I’m an experience person. In Beachbody’s case, a behind the scenes person. I like working with our trainers and members and watching them develop great programs and helping people change their lives. I generally consider awards shows a waste of time because the real awards have already happened.


This show was cool. I mean really friggin’ cool. You’d have to be one cynical son-of-a-bitch not to be moved by the events last weekend. I’ve got to say that in all of my years working with health transformations it never gets old listening to our member’s stories. And seeing it up in lights with some major production values was pretty amazing, especialy considering that when I began writing for Beachbody we had four employess: Carl, Jon, Heather and Heather (all still here). In fact, I met Jon approaching the venue–the Grove, bathed in spot lights–who noticed my impressed look, glanced up at the splendor, back and me, and laughed. “Who would have thought?” he said.

The awards show was just part of the event. There was also a coaches summit meeting. It was great to finally meet many of the people I’ve been working with virtually, many for many years. Being out of the office it was also great to see my old colleagues as well. It was cool to see how far MDB has come in just a year (now more than 5,000 coaches) and inspiring to think of ideas on how the summit could improve next year and how we can more readily get information out there to the coaches, who relay it to the world. By the end of the weekend you could see that we’re more than just a small fitness company; we’re a movement that could actually have a profound effect on the obesity epidemic.

I’ve got to add that it was also surprising to see how many people actually read this blog. Thanks! You’ve inspired me to try and do better with its content. I guess I’d better come up with some challenges for this year, too.

For anyone who missed it, you can watch some video at:

Million Dollar Body

I make sure and sign up for next year. I’m already looking forward to it.

See you there!

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  • I like winning awards. How come I didn’t win anything?

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