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Mindless Banter On Training And Cycling

I haven’t been blogging and I’ve had stuff to blog about–mybad. I’ve got some articles to critique but, first, I’ve had some very good–if not a bit crazy–training days to comment on. This week, for some reason, I’m racing all the time. Anyway, rather than talk about me I’ll just post an email response from me to some of my friends, along with a translation at the end so you won’t need the earlier emails. I’ll be back to more serious blogging as soon as my next article is off to the editor. For now, hope you enjoy some silliness.

Reed, you need some money?

Reed has a copy in stock. I’ve read it. Great stuff. Am partial to The Day The Big Men Cried myself. “Hey, baby. You look just like an angel.”

A reference to Bob Roll’s book on bike racing titled Bobke, written years ago, that’s now become a bit of a cult classic and is selling for 150 clams on ebay.

I’d also like to try Bobke’s training program sometime. Currently, I’ve too much work but perhaps I could figure a way to do it next spring when I’m racing again. Actually, I raced twice on Sat (crit and a trail running race), and tonight (crit), will race Thursday (time trial), Friday (cyclocross), and Sat (the “Widowmaker” hill climb mtn bike race in Snowbird). But I digress. His program, as I recall, consists of eating very little but burgers, drinking beer and whiskey and coffee, riding 100 miles per day and sleeping a lot. Apparently if you try it you’re guaranteed to “rip everybody’s legs off.”

Great thing about Utah is that there seems to be after-work races almost every day of the week. Since I haven’t raced all year, it seemed like a good idea to race every day of the week, most of them in different diciplines. And, yes, I will try the Bobke program at some point.

Ahh, the LA Tri meetings. Lots of very tan girls with beautiful legs and heaps of free stuff. I won more at those meetings than all my primes combined. A new wet suit, even. Maybe I should just come back for the meetings.

Nahhh, Utah’s great. Okay, so there are less women. But there are WAY less people, and this is good. Plus, there are mountains, everywhere. And so much stuff to do it’s insane. I can’t imagine how being bored is even possible, unless I get injured. Y’all should visit.

Thanks for the vids. And, oh, you can watch the World’s finish on eurosport. Samuel Sanchez put in a monster attack to isolate his guy who couldn’t pull it off. Amazing ride by Sanchez. Can’t feel bad for Valverde, sheesh. He’s just getting started. Either of the other two would have made me happy. Though I felt bad for Zabel, it’s good to see the Cricket get Valverde’s number anyway as his days as the best single day rider in the world are numbered. Shit, with Valverde’s talent everyone’s days to win races may be numbered. Now he might not dope. He doesn’t even train properly (just races his friends to telephone poles). And this is nothing but good for the sport. He gets himself a scientist and the sport will become boring.

True, this years world championships was extremely exciting. Weird, but in the wake of all this doping stuff we’ve had some of the best bike racing in memory. Go watch the highlights at And, oh, Alejandro Valverde really doesn’t train scientifically and he’s still winning the Pro Tour. Yikes.


Cyril Guimard is a former director sportif who knows more about cycling than, I dunno, probably anyone.

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