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Mixing Insanity And P90X

One of my co-workers said it’d be great if I wrote an article on mixing Insanity and P90X. I replied that I’ve already written two. But if the folks in the office don’t know about them, perhaps you don’t either. They were both released before we had our “Extreme Newsletter” archive page up. I think they should be required reading for anyone considering mixing these two programs. I would hope they’d help you mix any two programs.

The first analyzes the diet structure of each program and how to move from the X diet into Insanity, in which case you’d skip the Insanity diet plan.

When you look at the X diet, you see a plan that’s designed to teach you how to eat for athletics. It varies over time, attempting to follow the changes in your body composition. Once you graduate from the X, there shouldn’t be much need for outside diet plans except for variety’s sake. You could use the INSANITY diet for this, but you’ll want to alter your calories to meet your own goals using what you’ve already learned. It’s almost a certainty that a post-X body will have a composition that requires more calories than what the INSANITY diet recommends.

The article then addresses how to structure the into phase on Insanity on the heels of X. The second article, on how to create hybrid programs, takes this into further account. For example,

The second big mistake people make when designing hybrid plans is not being physically ready. This is also usually due to the “more must be better” mindset. People often get impatient and create a hybrid before they’ve finished their original programs. In most cases, this is a huge mistake.

After digging through the archive there aren’t many articles there that aren’t appropriate for those looking to take your workout program to the next level. So bookmark this page and reference it often.


  • Thanks for posting the link, I did bookmark it.

  • NICEEEEE!!!!

  • Are these "P90X" newsletters anywhere on the Teambeachbody site?

  • They are not, so you have to bookmark the link in the article.

  • how about mixing p90x, Insanity and the 1 on 1 series? I have been doing a double session that does the Insanity weeks 1-3 and then pair it with 30/15, Just arms, Medicine ball, Diamond delts and Plyo legs. Use week four as the recovery week and do p90x recovery that week along with the insanity week 4. Any suggestions on the next phase? I have been planning on just varying the 1on1 to address other areas.

  • Great info Steve, Tony And Shaun T should partner up a release an Official Insanity X Hybrid. many people are looking for something to do after completing both.

  • Jack, ask on the Message Boards. It's a better for back and forth. Plus you'll get to see other's Hybrid schedule. It's always good for creative input to use the boards because you get a lot of opinion. But ask in Fitness and it will come to me.Marcus, we've thoguht at something along those lines. Chalene has her version of this, Turbo Fire, coming out soon too and I've already made a bunch of hybrids with that. And we're starting work on the next Insanity and X2.

  • Hybrids are the way to go…Until P90X 2 comes out.

  • Is the ARX the ab workout.

  • is arx the ab workout

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