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Monkey Feet

Since I’m not doing any reviews on my own yet, here’s a link to something that looks pretty cool:

Vibram Five Finger Shoes

I’m intrigued enough to give these a look. A lot of this barefoot simulation that’s a new trend in footwear definitely has some merit. I’ve been using Nike Free’s and Newton running shoes since December. Since I’ve been injured I haven’t given them what I feel is a proper test. But will do soon enough. So this is part one of the barefoot trend in footwear.


  • Steve, I have these shoes.. they rock! They're not as sticky on wet rock as I'd like, but I've worn them on hikes over 10 miles, out running on grass, on river trips, etc. No complaints really, it just can take your feet a little time to get used to the lack of padding and support. They're definitely worth a try.

  • Steve, these shoes look rad. Let me know how it goes. Actually, it was my birthday Wednesday – I should probably just treat myself.

  • I started using a pair of Vibram KSOs for my office walking treadmill and P90X/Kettlebell workouts and they are pretty good. My calves are a little sore but getting used to walking 5-9 miles a day on them (I'm not doing the full day on them yet, alternate with my normal shoes).See how it goes after a full week.

  • now you did it. I gotta get these. Running barefoot has many advantages I've heard, including helping with those suffering from plantar fascitis.

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