May 22, 2007 posted by

More Cycling + Less Drugs = More Women

This is a sign someone had posted along the Giro route today. Maybe this is how life is in Italy. If so, I’m moving. Regardless, it’s how life should be somewhere.

However, in my experience living in the world we’ve created it’s more like “more drugs + less cycling = more women”. In fact, I’m still looking for the society where more cycling = more of anything, really, at least the way “normal” society views us. In the good ol’ US of A, it’s a constant fight to just keep riding our bikes on the road. The laws don’t protect us–in some states a dead cyclist is, legally, nothing more than road kill. Hell, Texas keeps trying to ban riding and it’s home to the most famous cyclist in history.

So I’ll keep riding my bike and looking for my utopia. And I don’t plan to stop until they pry my bike from my cold dead hands.


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