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Movember Is On!

i don’t know yet. probably dynamite.

I’ve joined Denis‘ Movember team to help raise money for prostate cancer (cause, you know, if you’re male in the US you’re probably getting it at some point). In order to give you the most bang for your buck, I’m going to try and do this as entertainingly as possible. Here’s the deal:

I’m doing Movember “backwards”, meaning that I’m starting with facial hair that will be carved into various themed shapes throughout the month. Suggestions might be taken, and those who donate will have the most influence.

I’ll also add a birthday challenge to the fray. This should up your motivation factor as I’ll be suffering for you as well. You can read about the planned day…

Birthday Challenge is set



Donate enough and I’ll even let you name a first ascent. Currently the only names set in stone are Hydrogen Psychosis and Electric Jellyfish. There are six more routes and all of ’em need a name.

Here’s the link to my Movember page. Thanks!

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