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My Legs Are Killing Me

I haven’t posted a training report in a while but I have been training. Lately, my life’s been nothing but training and work. But after a month of weddings, birthday party(challenges), and my parent’s 50th anniversay surprise party, I’m happy to take a break from any social activities.

With a couple of upcoming events I’ve been doing a bit of trail running and riding my hippie bike a lot. It’s been 100+ most day down in the valley so as soon as it’s too hot to work, I’ve been heading up the canyons to train. In the last 5 days, I’ve put in about 20 hours on the trails, mainly above Park City but also one “run” at Snowbird to recon the Speedgoat 50k, which is going to be one of the hardest races of its length in the country (nearly 11,000′ of gain over 50k). Here’s a view from one of the summits looking down at part of the trail.

The above pic is me on the top of Baldy. Supposedly, the race has a technical section here but my recon revealed nothing but about five minutes of class 2. This is not going to be the advantage I’d hoped for. Anyway, I’m not really an ultrarunner, so I’m not racing this race, exactly. I’d really need about an hour of class 5 in order to offset the disadvantage I’ll have against these guys. So I’ll probably spend plenty of time kickin’ it at the espresso bar in the Snowbird tunnel.

Yesterday I did another 4 hours above Park City on my training/fun (heavy) bike. My legs are cooked. Time for some recovery.

Gratuitous moose shot. I wonder when one of these guys is going to chase me. I keep finding myself a few feet away.

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  • In Alaska the race directors always remind you “Moose have the right of way!” LOL Be careful my friend.

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