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A lot of people ask what I do for Beachbody. This should give you some idea. I had no idea BNN was doing this. I get interviewed about a lot of topics, but those never include myself. Makes me think I’d better get back to my coursework.


  • The most extreme thing in this video is the unkempt mass of hobbit hair briefly seen in some of the Tor footage. Pure genius.

  • 700 FA, eh?

  • What about the overhang in the roof?

  • I don't know why I do those things. Must be the danger!

  • The video is outstanding! The boardroom scene make it. It could really use a launch scene and, perhaps, a dinner scene.

  • The Steve Edwards profile video rules. Especially in the board room with the approval reaction shot from the CEO.

  • This isn't a great video — nobody got hit in the balls.

  • Oh, and I know I did around 700 first acsents because I tallied them once for Rock & Ice (or one of those magazines). We used to have a route name book that had pages of names. I eventually used them all, except maybe the ones I was saving for good routes. I still live in hope that someday I'll establish a route that someone else wants to climb.

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