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New Diet Pill

This goes into the Friday dump, since that’s pretty much were it belongs:

Diet Pill okay’d by FDA

Funny thing is, you don’t even have to read the fine print. Right up front they say it only works with diet and exercise, and if you were eating well and exercising you wouldn’t need it. They’re also saying it could cost $60 a month. This is equal to a gym membership, payments on a super nice bike, a bushel of fruits and veggies or, hell, a round of drinks for you friends as a reward for all those improvements in diet and exercise you’ve been making since you decided to just do that part of the equation and skip to drug.

Also, if this supplement sounds interesting to you, consider trying chitosan first. It’s cheaper and, more or less, does the same thing with less gastric stress. I’ve seen it be effective in certain circumstances but, in general, it’s no major player in ones fitness transformation.

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