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Obesity & Diabetes

An article appeared on the wires recently discussing the obesity epidemic and its link to the skyrocketing rate of diabetes. If you’re overweight or live an unhealthy lifestyle it’s a must read. I’m sure most of you reading are thinking, “well, duh”. If you’re not, you must be new around here. In case you missed it, here’s the article:

We, as many of you know, have just released a workout program that’s been approved by the American Diabetic Association. It’s a re-vamp of a Kathy Smith program called Project You: Type Two. The medical world has been slow to trumpet the importance lifestyle plays in regards to diabetes (not all of them, of course, just in general and in making national recommendations for lifestyle as a preventative measure). This workout is the first to be released on a national level that specifically targets this problem. The fact is that all exercise programs target the problem because all will improve you health and decrease the likelihood that you’ll become obese. And, just in case some of you weren’t convinced before, the link between obesity and diabetes couldn’t be more related.

I’ve got a reasonably scary article on obesity (and what to do about it) coming out this week. If you don’t get our weekly newsletters, go to this page and enter your email at the lower right corner. You’ll be required to opt in but it’s free and you can easily cancel anytime. Of course, you won’t want to:

If you’d like to take a closer look at Project You: Type Two, here it is

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