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“…October is the best month for climbing. Who knows how many I have left? If I want to do something, I’d better do it now.”– Chris Sharma

Joe sending Big G from Joey Kinder on Vimeo.

After months of rehab and training I finally feel up to getting after it a bit. Life has a way of interfering with my objectives in an in-opportune way and, as October rolls around, both work and home life are a tad hectic. At Beachbody we’re developing four new workouts programs, revamping our entire supplement line, and at home we’re dealing with two convalescing dogs. Good thing I live in Utah, where adventure is practically out the back door. I’m looking forward to six to eight weeks of climbing as much as possible before turning my sights on next year.

The week’s psyche video comes from the psyche man himself, Joe Kinder. It’s actually not a very good vid but he’s climbing a route here in the Wasatch and references fall temps, so it seemed appropriate. Tomorrow is, to me, day one of the season and as I’m starring down the barrel at 50 I feel every bit as excited as I did 20 years ago. When one is motivated life is always good.


  • Is there any chance that the new supplements are going to be available to European Beachbody fanatics? 🙂

  • Could you give us some tips or clues on these four programs? p90x mc2, Insanity asylum, and ?

  • Tascha, I hope so, and we're trying to make this happen, but each country has different rules and regulations regarding supplements and that makes this complicated. There's a pretty big movement to standardize this to some degree but, currently, it's more a political thing than any sort of health issue. I'm not sure what we're "officially" announcing so this may be inside info but these are 100% on so:remake of Power 90 that is WAY better than the original and a brand new program for gaining mass.

  • Kinda cold here, I haven't climbed in like 2 months. School itself is very busy, anyways I had a question. Is it wise to take a recovery week, now that officially I am on the fourth week of WFH, but primarily doing bodybuilding type stuff. Should I keep training, or take a recovery week considering it's my 10th week without one, or keep training. I seem to train hard either way, and gains are great as well. Improving all my lifts every week.

  • Cold is GOOD for climbing. Makes the rock sticky. They're calling today the last day of summer. Tomorrow we drop into the 60s.While at your age you can get away with not taking recovery periods my experience tells me you should. I didn't when I was your age and managed to overtrain, so it is possible. I think I would have been better if I would have taken periods where I shifted focus and recovered but we were always swayed by the more and harder is always better princples instilled by things like the movie Rocky. Physioligically it doesn't make a lot of sense.

  • It's in the 40s today. Can't climb, too cold. Probably gonna start snowing in like a month max. I hate chicago :)Hmm… I'll take another approach for my recovery week the coming week, I'll keep the volume high (16-18 sets per bigger muscle, 12-14 for smaller) but reduce the weight to 50% for all my lifts. This will allow the body to recover and supercompensation to set in.What do u think?

  • A new P90 would be awesome. I like P90X but since most of the workouts are an hour or so I don't do it because I just don't have the time. The P90 workouts are really good for both Amber and I because they are closer to 30 minutes.Climbing? I was out driving around New Jack City today. They have made the road all nice and there are 20 or so cement slabs that will eventually have shade structures and picnic tables. Almost didn't recognize the place. The guys I was with said it was Obama's Stimulus Funds in action. I just thought it was strange, but I haven't been there in over 10 years, so maybe people will use it.-R

  • New development at New Jack. Odd. Reed at New Jack, how odd. This does not seem to be the most efficient place to spend stimulus but what do I know? I met a couple who live here and actually miss New Jack, so perhaps I never saw the place in its right light to begin with. Agreed on P90, and you are not alone. It has a lot of advantages over P90X, and not just time. It's a simple efficient program that just got less simple but more efficient. It's going to be great.

  • Insane, hmm, yeah that's a good plan but I'm not sure it's the perfect plan as it's good to stop lifting weights-or at least to do different movements–for a while. 40 in the sun is perfect. It's technically even better in the shade provided you can keep your muscles warm. As Jerry Moffatt said whilst licking his chops, "It's icy cold! Goin' out to Stanage."

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