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OLN versus T-Mobile

OLN is changing their name to Versus next month (probably since it’s hard to tout Survivor and weight lifting as outdoor sports) but they seem to started this combative attitude against T-Mobile during their tour coverage. Is this a corporate thing, or do they dislike Germany? It must be the former, since they don’t slam Gerolsteiner.

Anyway, it’s pretty irritating to watch this since T-Mobile lost their best rider and still fought their way to a podium finish and won the teams classification. Normally, this would be reason for some praise. Instead, we get Al Trautwig saying “I’ve just gotta say that I, for one, am really sick of seeing T-Mobile do well.” WTF?

The other guys weren’t quite as blatant but their subtle stabs at every opportunity and OLN’s glaring omission of the team classification podium at the end of the race (they showed all the others, even “most combative rider”) showed us that maybe versus is going to stand “our version of the world versus anyone we don’t like”.

Okay, whatever. But I, for one, am really sick of seeing biased race coverage. Hey Al, how’d your beloved Disco Boyz do? Did they quit the race, because the only time I saw their jerseys were when you were hyping them?

Does this guy sound to you like part of an evil empire of cheaters?

Kloden Interview

addition: my friend Reed just clicked his mouse a few times and discovered that OLN is owned by Comcast, who own AT&T, one of T-Mobile’s direct rivals.

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  • I agree with you. Trautwig and Roll are awful. I can only hope that there is somebody new next year.

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