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One Finger, One Arm Pull-up at 43

Lifetime Goal Achieved: 1-finger 1-arm pullup from Phil Requist on Vimeo.

Pretty simple psyche vid this week. My friend Phil just did a one finger, one arm pull-up. He’s 43. And not small. Who says power is a young man’s game? Rad.


  • Awesome. That made my finger hurt. Great job Phil.

  • Does this correlate to what level he climbs at? Is it a party trick like levers?

  • It's only a party trick if Marvin Gaye is playing on the stereo.

  • Now, that's the way to give aging the middle finger! :)/michm

  • It's only a party trick. But it's a rad party trick.

  • i would argue that the parties i've been, where people were doing 1-arms and front levers, were not the best parties; even if Marvin Gaye was on the victrola.j

  • Dude,Those are the only parties where you might be able to slackline and hear the didjireedoo.

  • No red cap, no moustache, no dolphin shorts. Invalid.

  • Surely Action Directe is only a few months of trainings away.

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