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One Game Changes Everything

My challenge is a rather large undertaking and today it was exacerbated by more than the Tour. Add celebrations for the 4th and the World Cup semi-finals and you’ve got a difficult scenario for fitness. Thankfully, I live in a huge city as my commute to the various activities I was to participate in got me a few hours on the bike. I’m a bit in the red on my challenge, meaning I owe about an hour and a half. I’m tellin’ ya, this will be a lot easier when the World Cup ends.

At the Tour today there was justice. Mattias Kessler, who deserved to win yesterday, found the strength to attack the peloton once again and this time stayed away. His victory will hopefully take a touch of the sting out of Germany’s woes over their valient loss to Italy. The Italians were superior in a brilliant match, one for the ages. Anyone who thinks “soccer is boring” needs to find a reply of today’s overtime. Sitting next to a German fan down at my local, he could only shake his head at the winning goal. “That was absolutely beautiful,” was all he said.

It may not feel like it here in the USA, but you should believe those slogans that state “one game changes everything.”

Viva Italia!
Hoppe Germany!
Happy Birthday, America!

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