June 15, 2007 posted by

One Gear Is All You Need

I finally got my fixie together. Retro’d my old Specialized Allez 1982 American Flyers Team Shaver Sport into a beautiful 42X16. Now all I need is a moustache and I can do the rig proud. It’s been hard to get on anything else. In fact, since racing twice at the Sugarhouse crit last weekend (both cat and masters) I haven’t shifted a gear, riding either my single speed hippie bike or the Allez.

I’ve mainly been trail riding to get ready for my friend Reed’s impromptu bachelor party this weekend. I know bachelor parties are usually filled with cretin banal male rituals, such as hanging around strip clubs, hookers, getting into fights and drinking beers through a funnel, but my friends are different. There will be beer, no doubt, but the rest of the weekend will be filled with exploring the various trails in southwestern Utah. I’m thinking one 3-4 hour ride in the morning, followed by a 3-4 hour session each evening. It’s supposed to be 105 today in St. George, so we’ll probably spend the middle of each day drinking Oly to hydrate. This is a bachelor party, birthday challenge style.

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