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Our Party Is Now Three Strong…

No problem with that.

You ever notice how bad guys in macho action movies are pretty much just into bad stuff, no matter who it happens to? One of my favorite examples is in the film, Point Break (no one beats Swayze for unintentional comedy), when Swayze’s character (incidentally, named Bodhi, as in The Bodhisaatva, or the enlightened one, for someone who robs banks, kills people, creates general mayhem–genius) lands in Mexico after a botched banks job. The guy on his team is supposed to pick up the entire gang but he doesn’t even inquire about where the rest of the guys are. He and Swayze simply high five, utter some gutteral cretin yelp associated in action films (spring break parties, etc) with male coolness, and drive off into the sunset. “All our friends and colleagues were just killed. Woo-hoo. Doesn’t get any better than that. High five!”

The title of this blog is from another film, Drop Zone. Gary Busey’s character learns that one of his team has been identified and decided to take him out, which no one else on the team knows. During a jump he runs the guy into some electric wires, which you’d think would seem strange to the rest of their team. But, no. Upon landing they all whoop and high five, and don’t even bother inquiring about why they’d eliminate one of their own. Busey then utters, “Our sky diving party is now four strong. No problem with that!” To which they all whoop and high five some more.

Soon after seeing this a group of us were bouldering when one of our group sprains his ankle after falling off a highball boulder problem. Our initial response is to help but one of us realizes how we’d behave if we were cool, turns to intercept us and proclaims, “Our bouldering party is now 3 strong. No problem with that.” We all high five, walk to the next problem, and leave our (ex) buddy writhing on the ground in pain.

Macho-ness rocks.

Anyways, we now have three people doing this little round of P90X. All of us are cyclists and ex-climbers–I being the least ex of the bunch. So as I concoct this schedule it will accomodate some riding and, most likely, some climbing.

No problem with that. High five.


  • to quote keanu reeves, “whoa!” suzanne and i will be doing our fit tests this thursday. that said, i already know the results; recall the family guy where peter wishes for no bones and the genie grants said wish? no imagine the same body with no muscles. does vertical leap entail getting your feet off the ground or is it just how high your arms go? just curious.marc

  • p.s. high five, bitches!

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