90 Day Challenge
May 15, 2009 posted by

Out Of The Pack; Not The Race

Like the Texan tailing off in the Dolomites, I’ve dropped the pull-ups from my challenge. I have a twinge in my elbow and, though I’m rattling off pull-ups pretty easily, doing 100 or so a day is making it worse, not better. Like Lance, this virtual Giro’s aim it to train for other objectives. Anything that’s breaking me down to the point that there is no long term benefit is being axed. Training can only be called training if it succeeds in making you better.

Other than that, the challenge is going well. The daily biking/running has me pretty sore. I’m going to swap rehab work for pull-up work since my back still isn’t 100%, nor is my elbow, and running/riding has one of my knees feeling slightly tweaked. I have one “big” climbing day, so far, where I did my traverses into all of the existing routes in Deaf Smith (and even found a new project that should be dispensed with soon). But, like the Giro, there are bigger days ahead.

vid: romney calls this guy “mozart on a bike”. inspiring, even if, like me, you’ll never aspire to anything remotely like it.


  • Nobody’s commenting on this video! How odd. I hope this means everyone’s already seen it because if you aren’t watching it, you’re blowin’ it. I don’t even think some of those stunts have been done in cartoons. Someone told me yesterday it was like watching Parcour, only with a bike.

  • Hi Steve,I am not much of a cyclist, so I haven’t seen that before. It is inspiring to see a man “fly” that’s for sure. Very neat. Thanks for sharing.

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