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P90X Makes Good


Huge props to P90Xer David Akers for tying the NFL field goal record yesterday at 63 yards! Akers was one of the first professional athletes to claim that P90X improved his game. Five years later he’s transformed from a guy near the end of his career to knocking on the door at the Hall of Fame.

He began doing P90X, at age 32, when he felt he was losing his leg strength after going 2 for 10 from beyond 40 yards in one season. The following season he had his best year and has been improving ever since. Now, at 37 if my calculations are correct-—at an age when power is genetically on a steep decline—-he sets an NFL record for power. Maybe somebody ought to send a note to this guy for claiming P90X lacks strength training.

The lesson for today’s Monday Psyche: do P90X. You’ll age better.


  • That was an amazing moment to watch! P90X hasn't made me famous, but it did change my life 😉

  • Who knew he was a P90X grad!

  • I'm not surprise tony. A lot of my professional baseball Players friends uses p90x before starts their preseason 🙂

  • P90X is an excellent program, everyone is doing it because it just works!It has transformed coach potatoes into fitness oriented people. It has made people aware of their skills they didn't even have. Worked for me and has worked for so Many others! I'm a mom of two little ones and if I can do it anyone can!

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