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P90X, Recovery Drink, & The World’s Hardest Crack Climb?!

P90X, Recovery Drink, & The World’s Hardest Crack Climb?!

“The duress. The duress is what makes you live.”

I have little use for serious people, and like things that challenge you to make sense out of them, so I enjoy the vids that professional climber Nico Fevers shows up in. They’re always filled with humor, self-deprication, and a very casual look at what are burly adventures on par with the best of ’em. This vid’s about training for and climbing what must be one of the world’s hardest cracks (based on Favresse’s resume because he doesn’t make any claims other than it’s his hardest route) in rural Norway. The toil involved to put up such a difficult route in a remote location is high, and takes a lot of dedication, yet you’d think it was nothing but a barrel of laughs. And I’m sure it was that, too.

The climb is called The Recovery Drink and it’s clearly named after P90X Recovery Formula, given the guys are doing Ab Ripper X (outside at night be a fire, no less) as part of their training. This is pretty-damn funny It’s also a testament that 90x is solid sports training. Favresse wouldn’t cart these vids around purely for laughs–okay, he might, but he’s doing them anyway. Like many professional athletes, the program’s helping him (here’s an article I wrote explaining why). I should probably send him X2 for his next hard route, or at least tub of Recovery Formula.

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