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P90X2 Has Launched!

It’s not quite out, but P90X2 pre-orders start today. As your trainer I advise that you get it. I don’t usually hype our products. I just make them and let that gang in the marketing department decide how peddle the stuff. This one, however, I’m going to harp on you about.

If you follow my blog you’re probably more interested in fitness than the average Joe. And given that’s the case you’re going to want what is, by far, the most advanced training program ever put on video. That’s no knock on anything we’ve done at Beachbody. Most people don’t need advanced. If you’re overweight and hate exercise Slim in 6 is fantastic. If you like to dance you’ll probably love Hip Hop Abs or Turbo Fire if you’re a bit fitter. If you need something more advanced we’ve got P90X or Insanity. P90X2 is the next level: movement specific applied science tailored to the masses. If you want to be more athletic, improve at a sport (no matter which one), or simply age more gracefully you’re going to want to own P90X2 at some point.

Instead of presenting you with a sneak preview of X2 like everyone else, here’s some behind the scenes footage. Al Jefferson, of the Utah Jazz, is literally one step away from being an NBA all-star. When he’s on the floor and healthy he’s a consistent 20/10 guy—-Hall of Fame numbers. Unfortunately that step is due to a bad knee. If he can improve the stability of his platform and get his knee to respond to how he’d like to push it, he’ll then be able to back-up his silky smooth throwback post game with athleticism, which will also improve his defense, shot blocking, and rebounding.

This is Al at P3, in Santa Barbara, Ca, where we did most of our research and prep for X2. I saw him during his first trip out, over a year ago. He was covered in sweat, completely destroyed (like me during my first workout at P3), and kind of embarrassed to have others watch him train. Check out Big Al now,doing the same style of training you’ll be doing with X2, and keep in mind this guy is a shade under seven feet tall and three hundred pounds. Remember when Shaq could move like this? Look out, NBA!

From P3 (yep, this is the kind of description you’ll be able to use about your own improvement after X2): Al Jefferson is making tremendous gains this off-season at P3…Much of our work with Al has focused on giving him dynamic hip stability, and shifting demand from knee to hip. This process involves both strengthening and neuromuscular re-education of how to stabilize and activate his gluteus medius and upper-third of gluteus maximus.


  • How are fitness goals measured in P90X2? In P90X you have the fit test that you can retake. For Insanity, there's another fit test. Does P90X2 have the same?Does P90X2 give you ways to hybridize it with other programs like Asylum does? Is P90X+ a good step into P90X2 like the P90 Master Series is a good step from P90 to P90X?

  • Off to order, thanks for the footage on this guy. Wow!

  • 90X is appropriate prep for X2. X+ would be, too, and maybe even a bit more so beacuse it's very movementbased with more functional movements. One on One would be the best prep, could I only choose one. We're using the same fit test as P90X so you can compare vs that program.

  • When you say x2 is the next level above p90x and insanity, would you include Asylum in the same category as x2 in that sense?

  • Currently I'm utilizing a hybrid of insanity, one on one, and asylum. My focus is on strength while maintaining endurance. Will any of the workouts be similar to asylum strengh or insanity weights?

  • Congrats Steve on the launch, I'll be sure to pick up my kit. Did any of your participants for the X2 take caffeine pre-workout to enhance their training? Also does caffeine itself interfere if your taking creatine since it's a diuretic?

  • I am wondering the same thing as "the dude"! I am doing Asylum and am on the fence about ordering P90x2 or waiting for the next volume of the Asylum…..I love the intensity and pace of Asylum! Suggestion?

  • Just started a new round of P90X today to prep for X2. Can't wait!!!

  • @Anonymous…I don't think there's been confirmation of an Asylum Volume 2 yet, just that it's a possibility, and is probably a ways off. I would pre-order P90X2 now, as you risk the chance of not getting it until possibly February if you wait. Also, Asylum is focused on making you a better athlete, the same goal as P90X2, so I would get it if you liked Asylum

  • What about nutrition in this set?Any move away from soy based protein(bars) for us guys with low T?

  • Have done several rounds of P90X but P90X2 may be too much for me at 50.

  • @Anonymous…p90x2's nutrition guide has 27 different nutrition guides within it for a lot of different diets…vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, i'm sure there will be something in there that will apply to the diet you're looking for

  • How do those of us that were One on One subscribers and bought all the OoOs get the discount for the pre-order of P90X2?

  • Bob, here is the answer I got:We sent e-mails to the 2,000 or so people who qualified for the OOO discount Sept. 1-5 (with all coach and TBB e-mails going out on Sept. 1) giving them instructions to call customer service to place their P90X2 pre-orders with the 50% discount. I would advise people to check their e-mail, as well as their junk mailbox for the e-mail. Additionally, if people did not receive the e-mail, but they think they qualified for the offer, they can contact customer service at 1 (800) 818-5174. The customer service team has a complete list of all people who qualified for the offer. The customer service # is also listed on the FAQ’s on the P90X2 pre-order pages (it is the last FAQ):

  • Man this one is gonna be so amazing. I cant wait!!!

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