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P90X2 Prep: Block II

Remember back to the very first day you tried P90X? Unless you couldn’t do pull-ups this was likely one of the more devastating physical experiences of your life. The P90X Chest & Back workout was nearly impossible to be ready for. When Tony first proposed this workout I showed it to a friend of mine, who practically does pull-ups in his sleep (“I could do 100 pull-ups a day for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t count it as exercise”), who said that he didn’t think he could finish it in good style. My first attempt had me hyperventilating in order to keep my lunch down.

P90X2 opens with a similar proposition. Day 1, as I went into last time, is going to challenge you in ways you’ve not seen before but the real nastiness hits on day 2. Plyocide is so much harder than the original that P90X master and superstar Beachbody coach and all-around master of fitness Mark Briggs looked as though he was going to pass out during the Plyocide rehearsal. “I just wasn’t ready for that,” said the guy who devises some of the most intense P90X/Insanity hybrids out there. You have been warned.

Luckily the warning comes with some advice. Block I of our prep focused on balance. Block II will up the intensity. Briggs had been training with Tony’s One on One Plyocide workout, which is a decent practice session for the moves, but the final version is a whole other ball game when it comes to intensity. There is simply no way this workout isn’t going to hurt out of the gate but if you start adding a day of ever-increasing plyometric workouts to your training now and you’ll be ready to stave off utter annihilation.

Here are some choices along with comments. Of course you need to work with what you’ve got, so don’t feel the need to get all of these. Just keep increasing the intensity of your weekly plyo session right up until you shut down for the last couple of weeks before X2 arrives.

One on One: Plyocide – this workout is a bit of a practice session. Good training but slow cadence.

P90X Plyo – If it’s all you’ve got it ain’t bad. If you can waltz through this your body is ready for the next X.

One on One: Plyo Legs – The very first One on One workout is a good next step from P90X Plyo

Insanity Max Interval Plyo – It was surprising Mark got so slammed after doing this regularly because it’s still very hard.

Turbo Fire HIIT 30 – Will have you well used to any jumping that life throws your way. Any of the HIITs will prep you, so work your way up to 30 if you’re just starting out.

Asylum: Overtime – adding this short workout to the end other workout will destroy you in just the right kind of way.

Asylum: Vertical – Shaun T’s version of Plyocide. If you can handle this with good form you’re ready for anything. Train to get ready for this workout though because “it’s not Insanity!”


  • Steve, who came up with the name Plyocide? It has to be the best workout name ever.

  • I agree. I picked it off of a list of options but I don't know who threw it out as an option. It sounds like Tony but it also could have been Mason (from OoO) or Anna (Mason's wife, producer of OoO. Or someone else who was just in the room.I'd sent it to Marcus (Dr. Elliott) to preview and sent a text to see if he'd watched it. His reply was "not yet but love the name."Hope the workout lives up to it. Kinda think it does.

  • Nice…I bet it lives up to the hype, I liked the one on one and if this one is even tougher, I bet it lives up.I'm interested in what the other names were lol..Do you usually have many options for workout names?

  • Reading through some older post…what happen to the MMX idea?

  • We always banter names about. MMX was mine and, damn, we didn't even use it! We still might as it's a great idea for a cool workout. Tony was training with a few different martial artists in different diciplines and working on coming up with a hybrid workout. Unfortunately it didn't fit the X2 format, exactly, as it was less specific than what we were after. But we want to, and still plan to, somehow find a place for it.

  • stick MMX as an easter egg on one of the DVDs

  • a special OoO set withMMXCardio X (shaun t teaches and destroys Tony)eh….eh…eh?

  • I did every "jump knee tuck" with Dom yesterday…ready to bring it all over again!

  • A good idea for MMX is to include it in the next One on One series but the entire volume should have a theme of sports-specific workouts/training.

  • Are you saying Plyocide is harder than Max Interval Plyo? And does it have plyo pushups as well?

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